Born and raised in the Santa Clara Valley, I grew up in the hills west of Morgan Hill. Surrounded by cars in a family of mechanics, my earliest scribbles were, of course… Hot Rods. Being one of those kids that would rather doodle than pay attention in school, my professional sign and graphics career started around age twelve and never really slowed down.

Just out of school, in between jobs at numerous auto body repair shops, I was fortunate enough to meet Terry Hubbs of Chaparral Signs. He put a brush in my hand and said, “If you learn how to paint signs, you’ll probably never go hungry.” Well, as you can see, I haven’t missed too many meals and I get to paint every day… so it was great advice.

razorAll along the way, I’ve been lucky to have a fiercely loyal customer base and my lovely and supportive wife, Donna, who always seems to keep me motivated. After a lifetime of painting just about anything imaginable and twenty-plus years of operating Harry’s Auto Signs in Hollister, the opportunity to create something challenging and new is a constant thrill. Let us know what you’re dreaming of and we’ll make it happen.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I have enjoyed creating it.